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Sync any fields, view, table on Airtable

Are you looking to share part of your bases with your collaborators or clients? Our tool sync data two-way, including updates. You share only the fields you need to, and collaborate seamlessly.

“Airtable is amazing but there was no easy way to collaborate without sharing our entire Base. Now, with syncbases, I can share exactly what I need, and sync data automatically between my team and clients.

Joelle Doe, CMO @ FrontLines

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Make collaboration seamless on Airtable

Make workflow across your Airtable Bases

01. Sync any updates. Fast.

We sync any change you make on your Airtable base. Up to every minutes.

06. Fixed monthly charge, no matter how much data you sync

No matter how much data we sync, it's the same price No bad surprise. .

05. Set it up once and forget about it.

You get instant alert and feedback if we trouble syncing your data

02. Just share what you need.

Only sync the table, view and fields you need to share with your collaborators. It work with any fields including linked records and attachments.

03. Seamless collaboration

We sync your data two-way. Any change made from your collaborators make will get synced back to you.

04. Built for scale & speed

We can sync hundreds of records in just a few seconds.

Pricing Plans


Best option for enterprise who need higher limits and premium support.

$199 / mon.

Two-way sync
Update every minute
Sync linked field
Premium support & setup
Advanced features
Unlimited bases

Best option for startup who want better collaboration with faster sync.

$9/ base / mon.

Two-way sync
Update every minute
Sync linked field

Best option for small project with simple workflow

$7/ base / mon.

Two-way sync
Update every 5 minutes

Min order is 2 bases / 14$ per month.

Bulk pricing available for 10+ bases. Save 20% on yearly plan.

You can sync unlimited records over the month.

** We sync any fields including attachments and linked fields.

Advanced features includes : seamless sync with push/pull , sync reports, cross account sync


How does it works?

Everything happen inside airtable.

1- After signing up, you get access to a config base on your airtable account.

2- On every table you want to sync, you create a new column "last modified" ( see instruction in doc )

3- In the config base, you select which table, view and fields to share and the destination base.

4- You can either sync manually or automatically ( up to every minute )

That's it. Then it will scan your base for updated records and sync any changes.

You get immediate alert if there is issue, and a weekly report.

Can it keep my records up to date with my clients?

Yes we sync data two-way. That means that any change you make will get sync to your clients. And any change your clients make, will get sync back to you. Every minutes. So it's not real-time collaboration but it's pretty close. You would only get trouble if you are editing the exact same record at the exact same minute... which we believe is unlikely in most uses cases.

My table have 10,000+ records, will it works?


You may have notice that Airtable is not built for large database ( limit of 50,000 records ). Well their API is not built for handling high volume either. That means in practice we are able to sync up to 5,000 records in one time ( < in less than a minute ), which we believe fit almost all use case. We doubt you update your 10,000 records at the exact same time.

But over the day or month there is no limit to how many records we can sync.

How does the pricing works?

We offer fixed pricing and we bill per base per month. That mean you will stay in control of your bill no matter how much records is synced ( unlike other tools like zapier ). The cost are predictable, ie:

  • You have one base, one table that you sync two-way with 5 clients : 5x $9 = $45 per month with Plus plan
  • You use Airtable as your CRM, syncing multi table two-way with 3 collaborators : 3x $16 = $48 per month with Pro plan